Zoom Whitening in Beverly Hills

Let us be your Zoom Whitening Dentist.

With Zoom Whitening, even if you lead an extremely hectic lifestyle, you can easily fit teeth-whitening into your schedule. It is the fastest teeth-whitening system available in the country today.

We can perform this procedure at the Beverly Hills Dental office or you may also choose to do it yourself at home. Up to eight shades of lightness can be achieved within an hour’s time if you come in to visit us. At home, the procedure takes about three days to whiten your teeth up to six shades.

Staining and discoloration of teeth

Staining and discoloration of teeth are common dental problems. Why do teeth darken? There is a gradual and inevitable mineral loss over the years from the surface of the teeth, so they naturally darken with age. The enamel, when it becomes more porous, exposes the darker dentin underneath. Dentin, when made visible through the thin porous enamel, makes the teeth appear dark.

Staining may also happen due to certain lifestyle habits. When you consume strongly colored food and beverages, the staining pigments that it contains may gradually accumulate on the enamel. Smoking and tobacco usage are also habits that cause the teeth to stain. Staining can also be a side effect of certain medications.

When some or all of the above factors work in tandem, deep stains and discolorations can set in not just on the enamel surface but also on the deeper dentin layer.

How does Beverly Hills Zoom Whitening help?

Beverly Hills Zoom Whitening is a quick and easy one hour light therapy that lightens your teeth to the desired shade.

Firstly, we check your teeth and gums to verify whether they have enough strength to sustain bleaching. A whitening gel containing hydrogen peroxide will be spread over your teeth as the next step. Then, your Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentist will activate the gel with the help of a Zoom light. This will break down the hydrogen peroxide and trigger the oxidization process that lightens the teeth.

You need three sessions of twenty-minute gel applications for the excellent whitening effect. Finish it up with a five-minute fluoride treatment and you’re done. Simple!

After your Beverly Hills Zoom Whitening treatment, we will also give you a touch-up kit and whitening toothpaste to help maintain results.

Beverly Hills Zoom Whitening will eliminate permanent stains, even the deep-rooted stains on the dentin. The advanced zoom whitening gel is able to go through the enamel and reach deeper layers. The Zoom 2 gel with patented Amorphous Calcium Phosphate 1 Technology produces a much whiter effect.

Advantages of Beverly Hills Zoom Whitening

  • It is durable and long lasting, compared to other teeth whitening procedures.
  • There are absolutely no side-effects on the health of the teeth or gums. Patients report only mild sensitivity after the procedure.
  • Zoom whitening is a safe, easy and quick way of whitening teeth.
  • Quick results with minimum discomfort and no down-time.
  • Advanced whitening effect with the new propriety light activated gel and precision light guide system.

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